One of several reasons in which Quality Rooter & Plumbing, Inc. stands alone is learning and trying different things to reach the equipment and our optimal performance without failing. When we do and try a different approach to hydro jetting and video inspecting.

Over 20 years ago with countless ruined cameras, jetter hoses, transmitters, etc we came up with an idea and perfected what we call today "Hydro Inspection". Since my first attempt in 1992 to date we have come miles and miles.

This service is performed on an extreme clog when a conventional cable or jetter hasn't worked or what is done when all others have failed and have said, "It can't be cleared" due to a broken and or root infested line or possibly a foreign object stuck in the line.

These types or clogs are cleared by taking a sewer inspection camera and a hydro jetter hose and attaching them together to perform the job at hand. Using the job specific type of jetter head attached to the end of the jetter hose going no more than 14" back behind the jetter head itself. You are now set up for 100% guaranteed cleaning of all roots, grease, sludge, sand rocks and other misc foreign debris. This allows you to clear drains that are broken or have a slight separation while watching what you are doing as you are doing it.

As you reach the problem spot start jetting until the issue is gone. Move your hose back and forth until you have accomplished all of your troubled areas and repeat these steps until the drain that all others say "Can't be cleared is 100% cleared."

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