This is a service that is offered by Quality Rooter & Plumbing, Inc. Leak detection is a service that requires multiple types of equipment. It is used to find leaks underground in concrete slabs of a home, condominium, apartment, under asphalt, dirt and or landscaping. Once the leak has been located underground, then the repair begins.

Generally you will find that a copper pipe has a pin hole leak in it causing water to continuously drip until water begins to appear on the surface somewhere noticeable. Once the line is identified as a hot or cold pipe and the water is turned off you can add CO2 into the water line. Using advanced head phones connected to a cup on a hard smooth surface or a probe on dirt, grass type surface this allows the technician to listen for the CO2 leaking out of the line identifying where the leak is at. Dig up to find the broken area (pin hole leak) and replace with new pipe and fittings to complete repair.

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