Line locating can be done two ways:

1). To locate a sewer or drain line you locate a transmitter in camera head or you attach the transmitter directly to the cable or jetter hose.


2) You locate the line using a small electrical current that comes from a battery powered transmitter that connects a positive lead to the pipe and a negative lead to the ground.

How do we locate a line?

To locate a copper, gas, cast iron pipe or PE pipe (used for gas lines): Using a transmitter (sends a low voltage current) – A battery operated device that puts out different frequencies by attaching a positive and negative lead. The positive lead is attached to the pipe being located and negative lead is attached to the rod that is pushed into the ground. Then the receiver is able to pick up and locate the frequency allowing the drain lines to be located. The most common type of drain line is ABS and PVC Pipe.

This type of line locating has two different options. One is by attaching a transmitter to the camera built right into it that transmits the frequencies and then the receiver picks up those frequencies. Doing it this way does not actually locate the pipe; it is locating the head of the camera that is placed in the pipe.

A second option is by using a very small transmitter that is battery powered. It is taped to a drain cable or jetter hose and then put into the pipe. Locating this way you are also not locating the pipe but the camera head or cable that it is attached to.

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