Quality Rooter & Plumbing, Inc. uses a wide variety of cameras starting with one small enough to fit through a quarter size hole in the wall up to one that is big enough to travel 300? and fit in an 8? pipe for multiple types of drains, roof vents, area drains including a storm drain.

The smaller camera helps to diagnosis leaks, noises, etc. in a small or hard to get to area. Like a bathroom behind a toilet, or in a kitchen in the corner between cabinets. The larger cameras have attachments to help locate pipes at the same time were viewing what the cause of the issue might be. This is called a transmitter.

NOTE: If you pay for a camera job at Quality Rooter & Plumbing, Inc. we will locate the pipe and mark it out as a free service. This includes giving you the depth of the pipe as well. Our camera job price includes a copy of the DVD or VHS tape for you to keep. The technician doing the job does speak with video inspecting so the person reviewing the DVD or VHS tape will understand what they are viewing.

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